Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tom Hanks Endorses Obama

Besides the content of the video, I enjoy the way Hanks plays with the notion that celebrity endorsements are meaningless. He claims they are, sarcastically teases that his words have convinced everyone, and then proceeds to lay out a thoughtful explanation for his endorsement which may actually persuade people. Lastly, he makes a reference to his career as an actor which seems to imply that his portrayal of historical figures and his research into history both give him some authority on the subject of our next choice of president. This may actually be true, but it flies in the face of his earlier assertions that his endorsement doesn't matter. Well done, Mr. Hanks. Kudos for your rhetorical skills, as well as your excellent taste in political leaders.

Beware: Celebrity Endorsement


Anonymous said...

Haven't watched the endorsement yet, and while I still whole-heartedly support Obama, I must take this opportunity to again express my complete and utter hatred for Tom Hanks. A scouring of the internet found a few kindred souls in this odd sentiment, though none of us can seem to pin down exactly why it is we feel this way about "Mr. Hanks." I do make an exception for Big though. - Bitter Bill (Tom Hanks bringing back the bitter, leading us to ask "Is Bitter the new Black?")

Benjamin Gorman said...

An irrational hatred of Tom Hanks? That's probably a diagnosable mental disorder. Sure, he did a dog-buddy picture, but Philadelphia redeems that one. And Apollo 13 and Castaway were schaltzy, feel-good affairs, but Saving Private Ryan made up for that. And doesn't Big balance out The Duh Vinci Code? Have you heard his episode of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me when he gets a question wrong and tells the host, "Damn you to hell." Pretty stinking funny. I think you don't like him because he's inexplicably charismatic and that makes you suspicious of his motives, like he's sitting in a dark, smoky room underneath a volcano somewhere taping his fingertips together plotting to take over the world. Which he might be. But really, a world ruled by an evil Tom Hanks: Wouldn't that be an improvement?

Anonymous said...

Big is the only Tom Hanks exception I make (and maybe Philadelphia). You're not convincing me on this, Marin has tried. I admit that its totally irrational, and submit that all the reason in the world can't change my hatred. I will always despise him. Didn't hear that Wait, Wait, but my guess is that TH meant to actually damn the host to hell, smarmy bastard and his damn movies...I will agree though, that a leader I have an irrational hatred of is far, far better than a leader for whom my hatred is completely rational.