Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tapping Out

Well, there are still some races left to call, so we can't declare a winner in the online pool Joel put together, but as of 2:53pm Noah is currently winning in our house with 11 correctly guessed swing states and contested governors' races. Paige and I each have 10. I really want to stay up to see how the last senatorial races play out and see if Noah correctly guessed the final electoral college vote, but since the presidential election was decided so early I didn't maintain my caffeine intake levels, and now I'm crashing. The politics junkie couldn't make it until all was decided. Embarrassed, I'm off to bed.

Obama still better be the winner when I wake up tomorrow.


@bdul muHib said...

Since we still don't know about N. Carolina or Missouri, I had every state right except North Dakota and Indiana, both of which I had predicted to go the other way.

Jamie said...

This is not really related to your blog but I thought you and your other readers may enjoy this story about the US Embassy in Beijing that I stumbled across this morning. Being the lover of democracy that I am, I thought it was pretty damn shrewd and calculating, not to mention just cool. The Chinese government CAN'T be pleased. But when are they, really??

Anonymous said...

Ah, but the real question is will we actually see Chinese Democracy this month? - Bill

Benjamin Gorman said...

Better not! Then Bush would take credit. The Chinese people have waited this long, they could wait until Obama takes office.

They'd probably vote for the CEO of Walmart anyway. Know where their bread is buttered.

@bdul muHib said...

Hey! When do we get to vote for the CEO of Walmart? We should have a right to vote for our leaders too!

Anonymous said...

Clearly you aren't a fan of Axl and company. By "Chinese Democracy" I meant the GnR album which has been in the works for the last 15 years. Drops in late November and then free Dr. Pepper for everyone in the country. I'm surprised you haven't heard of this in Independence; surely there are some mullets floating around there still. - Bill

Benjamin Gorman said...

Oh, we have Mullets, but who can know what secret longings hide within the short-long. Now, Bill, you've seen GnR recently. Are you anxiously anticipating Chinese Democracy? Do you think it will measure up to the greatness of tracks like Mr. Brownstone (still my favorite GnR song), or is it going to succeed based on camp and nostalgia?

Benjamin Gorman said...

Oh, and for those of you wondering:

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