Saturday, June 06, 2009

Renewed Confidence...?

I have had two events in the last couple of days which have inspired me to start sending out query letters for the series of novels I'm writing:

First, I read Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. The book is very enjoyable and well written. Also, it touches on some of the same themes as my series. It rekindles my belief that my book could be published and enjoyed just as much as I enjoyed hers, though expecting her sales is beyond my wildest dreams. Still, it made me feel better.

Second, I hung out with a colleague who has just received the advance copy of his forthcoming book (available for pre-order). I read it, and though we are writing completely different things (his is non-fiction for a different audience and purpose) I managed to stifle my jealousy and take some heart in his success.

So I shot off another four query letters to promising literary agencies. Last time I sent it to three I received one request for the first ten chapters and a request for the manuscript. Not a bad record, but the lack of success just crushed me. Well, now I'm seeking more abuse. Wish me luck!


Aj Schwanz said...

Totally understand your feelings: at least you're trying as opposed to those of us too weenie to give it a go.

Really enjoyed Hunger Games; just finished Genesis by Bernard Beckett, and you may enjoy that one as well.

Benjamin Gorman said...

I would encourage you to take the leap but then I'd set myself up. Either you'd be instantly successful and I would be terribly jealous, or you'd get to enjoy some of the crushing disappointments I've had, and then I'd feel guilty for contributing to that. So go for it, but don't have any wild success or take any rejection personally (Ha!).