Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The debut of the Grammar Geek

Though we haven't finished making the videos yet, one of my coworkers, Roseanna Larson, and I made the local paper with a story on the web videos we're making. Roseanna should get the credit, because the whole series was her idea, but she wanted a geek for the "Grammar Geek" role and I look the part.

Here's the article (here). I have to give the writer, Craig Coleman, a lot of credit. I freaked him out during the interview when I joked about how risky it is to write about grammar, because everyone would look the piece over with a grammar magnifying glass. I didn't see any errors.

As he mentions, some students will be editing the pieces, so I think they'll be great. I'll post them here as we finish. Wish us luck!


'abdul muHib said...

Bad Link

Benjamin Gorman said...

Sorry. They changed the link. I put the new one on. we'll see if they change it again.