Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Blog:

After 85,000 plus pageviews to this blog, you'd think I'd have to be crazy to change to another site, right. After all, not all writers get to have that classy "" tacked on to the end of the urls of their blogs. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Why? Capitalism, mostly.

My novel, The Sum of Our Gods, will be coming out in November. The book has a website, here. You'll note, it's There's no funny suffix. Yea!

Since I want people to know about the book, I'll be doing my blogging right from that site. Some of the blogging will specifically have to do with writing, so there will be a blog that's just about that. It's here.

Don't worry! I'll still maintain my irregular schedule of rants about other things. They'll be here.

 The website has a guestbook, so if you've been one of the 85,000 people who've checked out this blog (or one of the three who have checked it out more than 28,000 times each), you really should come over and sign that here.

There are other writers who are still attached to this site, so maybe one of them will start using it. I'll pop by from time to time to share things that are going on over at You know, like Homecoming Week. Or Hollywood Squares for people who used to be famous. Or high school for college students. Am I putting down my own blog? Sort-of. Because I want you to come check out the new one. It's cooler. And you want to hang out with the cool kids, don't you?

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