Monday, June 02, 2008

Red Wings Beard Part 2: Pittsburgh Penguins Postpone Emancipation from Beardistan

So close! I turned on Game 5 of the NHL playoffs to see the Red Wings down by two, and started to lose hope that I would finally get to shave tonight. Then they scored three in a row, and with less than a minute left it looked like I would soon be rid of this itchy, scraggly growth.

Paige said my last pics made me look mean, so I had her take some more while we watched, then took a celebratory shot with the Red Wings in the background.

First, here are some I took with Noah:

Noah and Bearded Ben 1 - Share on Ovi

Noah and Bearded Ben 2 - Share on Ovi

And one with Noah and my nephew, Colin:

Noah, Bearded Ben, and Colin - Share on Ovi

And one taken BY my nephew:

Colin's Pic of Bearded Ben - Share on Ovi
(He wasn't as frightened as you might expect. In fact, he thought it was pretty funny.)

Here's one of the pictures Paige took tonight:

Beard - Share on Ovi

And here's the one I took with the Red Wings as background:

Beard with Red Wings - Share on Ovi

Then Pittsburgh scored and sent it to overtime.

And another overtime.

And another.

And then they scored.

I think Colin captured my feelings right now:

Colin's Pic of Bearded Ben - Share on Ovi

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