Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bye bye, Texas!

I have relatives in Texas, whom I love. I also enjoy traveling internationally, so bye bye, Texas!

Couldn't have said it better!


@bdul muHib said...

Exactly! I just think it would be way cool to have to do 2 border crossings every time I drive from California to Florida!

Wakefield Tolbert said...

Oh golly.

When Vermontian hippy dippies threaten to secede, it is considered just the bill of fare for these people and no one takes it seriously--but for the Lone Star state it is (per some liberal blogs) a sure sign of treason.

Oh, and looky--@bdul is here.

How fortuitous you seem to hang around here fairly much all the time.

It seems someone has an answer (and one that, well...I had anticipated long ago) to your missive about science making peace with God.

As I'm sure you're well aware by now if you're inclined to honesty, there is no such thing.

The NCSE is going to crack down on the issue of compromise at some point, as will the Panda's Thumb (who's co-creator Ed Brayton just compromises all day long when it comes to him slamming traditional religion. Funny, he's derided by others as pro-religion).

But for now:

Wakefield Tolbert said...

make that whose, not who's.....

Benjamin Gorman said...

Speaking as a liberal, I'd mock any state that wants to leave and become a vastly poorer, weaker country. It would be even funnier (or more tragic) if that country held that science and God are irreconcilable; they could arm their military with prayer, power the internet by holding hands and singing "Kumbaya" until emails sent themselves, and warm their babies' milk by rubbing sticks together in their kitchens... until someone asked why rubbing sticks together made fire, and then that scientist would be exiled back to the USA. Personally, I prefer a country where we have the freedom to believe as we please, and also to benefit from the scientific discoveries made by people using their God-given reason. I like my computer. I like my microwave. I walk to work, but I'm glad I have a car when I want to go shopping. As to science making peace with God, I'm really not sure what that even means. Can science hurt God? I doubt he feels threatened. If science gives us any false perceptions about the universe, this hurts us, not God. And if that takes place, shouldn't we let science continue to search for the truth in order to undo its mistakes? Or are we concerned that science will find something that threatens God? If so, then the fault is with our own faith; we don't really believe God is above our own paltry understandings of Him. If that's the case, I pray for evolution; that we might evolve into the kinds of creatures who recognize God cannot be diminished by our understanding of Him. Scientists don't scare God. Don't let them frighten you either, Wakefield.

@bdul muHib said...

Yes, Hi Wakefield. Sorry, I vaguely recall your name, but not much else.

But I did find it difficult to follow your train of thought- it seemed to go everywhere, beyond the post that Ben made.

But yes, Ben is a friend of mine, so I read his blog, and occasionally post a response. I'm glad you find it fortuitous, though I wouldn't put it quite so strongly. Just more...doing what everyone else does online. There's probably a better word for that that an English teacher might know.

But as for Vermont, I wasn't aware of this; I'm more familiar with the vote of Cascadia, that was to take place shortly after Dec. 7th, 1941, for Oregon and Washington to secede. Something else came up though. I always found that a shame.

I'd have to disagree with you that Texas would be committing treason by trying to secede. After all, it is in their constitution, and was part of their agreement in joining the union. And we as a nation never break our treaties or agreements. (S)

I'm not sure what you're talking about about science making peace with God.