Friday, February 27, 2009

Jindal's Strange Rebuttal

I know it's piling on to pick on Bobby Jindal's speech now that it's been so universally panned by critics and pundits on both sides, but I did want to make a quick point. His key anecdote was about an incident during Hurricane Katrina, when he walked into an office and found a local sheriff struggling to get help from the federal government. He swooped in and saved the day, the story goes, and this is supposed to show us that the government is inept. But here's the thing: He was a congressman at the time. Couldn't that also be a story about how government can be good? Also, how seriously should we take a critique of the government when the central narrative is one where a Republican congressman rescued a local sheriff from the inept federal agency run by... a Republican president? This could also just be a story about why no one should elect Republicans. You know, it just might be better for the Repub Party if it turned out that Jindal made the whole story up.

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Oh wait. He did! Check it out!


Jamie said...

I know it's late for a comment but I was on vacation. Anyway...that Jindal commentary was the worst I've witnessed. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I'll bet money that even Sarah Palin yelled at the TV when he attempted to throw volcano monitoring under the bus. I hope whomever wrote that hokey, disturbing line was fired. And if it was Jindal himself then I say, "okay the Pac NW and Hawaii will give up our volcano monitoring if you give up Hurricane monitoring." Seems fair to me.
Yet again shame falls upon my party of choice. And don't even get me started on the illogical, idiot ramblings of Limbaugh. So, so, so much shame....
Where are the rest of your random things??

Benjamin Gorman said...

Did you see Timothy Egan's piece on Rush Limbaugh in today's NYTimes? It's good. I admit, we Dems do love the power Rush is gaining over the GOP. As for Jindal, did you see that an asteroid came very close to striking the Earth last week. We'd seen it coming, but I'll bet that's the kind of thing he would have cut out of the budget. 'Course, he might have cut hurricane warning systems, too.

As for my random lies, I'll get on it right away. Thanks for the reminder!